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Saudi National Day run

September 23 @ 06:15 12:00

Please join us for our 3rd Saudi Emblem run. It is a FREE run.

We expect to reach 200 participants. Feel free to bring a trusted friend or family member along.

On the occasion of the 89th Saudi National Day, we will run, keeping our sports watch or a GPS-capable smartphone, following a pattern on the ground marking the Saudi National Emblem. Once the run finished, we will be able to see the Emblem as a GPS representation of the course we ran.

The Saudi Arabian national emblem (Arabic: شعار السعودية‎) was adopted in 1950. According to the Saudi Basic Law, it consists of two crossed swords with a palm tree in the space above and between the blades.

The two swords represent the Kingdom of Hejaz and the Sultanate of Najd and its dependencies, which were united under Ibn Saud in 1926. The palm tree represents the Kingdom’s assets which are defined as its peopleheritagehistory, and resources natural and non-natural. Thus, the palm is shown to be guarded by the two swords, which represent the forces to be used in defence of the nation.

Dahban, Saudi Arabia + Google Map
Saudi Emblem 2019

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