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March DESERT Full Moon Hike

March 15 @ 21:00 23:55 UTC+3

March DESERT Full Moon Hike

Join the seventh installment of our new Full Moon Hiking Series. For the first time, we will be taking hikers to our beloved dunes. Since September 2018, we’re going hiking under the Moonlight, once a month, as close as possible to the Full Moon. On Friday, March 15th, 2018, we will hike about 45 minutes away from central Jeddah – the exact location will be shared with registered participants. We will have THREE groups
  • GREENgroup:  4km
  • BLUEgroup: 8km
  • REDgroup: 10.5km
  • You must manage your own transport ( fill up the tank before coming )
  • A small backpack (or hydration pack ) with 1 liter of water(GREENGroup) 1.5l ( BLUE&REDgroup)  per person minimum will be required ( not provided by the Organizers).  Snacks optional.
  • A head torch ( or hand torch ) with RED LIGHT mode.  you will not be allowed to start the hike if your torch doesn’t have a RedLight mode.  The Red Light helps preserve your night vision and will make the hike more enjoyable for all. 72 Head Torches with RedLight are available for lease from the organizers at the time or registration.  Just to be clear: WHITE LIGHT Head Torch will NOT be able to join the group. We will check.
  • If you want to BBQ and/or Camp you need to bring your own food, cooking and camping gear.
Notes regarding the Leased Head Torches:
  • The lease for the Head Torch is 8 SAR ( so it will cost 22 to take part + 8 to lease = 30 SAR)
  • All our headtorches have always been leased out.  If you don’t want to be disappointed, book early!
  • your Head Torch will only be confirmed upon receiving your payment.  In short, paying by Credit Card will guarantee you a Head-Torch if available. We will however only lock your Head-Torch if you pay by Bank Transfer upon reception of the funds. You must attach your transfer receipt at the time of registration. if not we will cancel the registration. Making a registration before the price hikes up to the late payment fee will not help, unless you do initiate the transfer before that time!
  • If the LEASED head torch option is sold out, please do NOT register for the BYO until AFTER you have purchased a headtorch.  There will be no refund if you don’t find the head torch with a RED light!
Participation Fee:
  • 22 SAR if you Bring Your Own HeadTorch with a RedLight Mode.
  • 30 SAR if you want to LEASE a HeadTorch with a RedLight Mode. ( it is NOT 22+30 … it is 22+8 = 30 )
  • We are not able anymore to accommodate Cash Payment. You can, however, deposit Cash to our bank account and share the receipt if you do not own a DebitCard/CreditCard not can do e-banking for transfer. Our Bank details are available here: http://hejazultra.org/misc/payment 
  We have ran out of Leased Head Torches. but you can buy a NIGHT VISION Energizer 60 Lumens for SAR 43.95 at the “new” HyperPanda on Sari Street near Madina Road. https://www.google.com/maps?q=21.5826921,39.1684392&z=17&hl=en


15 March 2019
21:00 – 23:55 UTC+3
Free – $30
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Hejaz Ultra
Bahrah, Makkah Saudi Arabia

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