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Hejaz Clean UP v6

November 1 @ 07:30 09:00 +03


Hejaz Ultra has been following the Leave No Trace Principle for years.

Our environment is under threat as never before. Human activities combined with improved technology and transport mean that forests are disappearing, fish and animals are dying out, and pollution is increasing. Uncontrolled use of natural resources affects all of us, although poor people are often less able to protect themselves from it. There are sometimes hard choices to be made between economic growth and a clean environment – choices we need to confront for the sake of future generations.

Hejaz Ultra has been organizing Sports activities since 2014. This is helping tackle other issues in the region: Obesity. But this should not happen at the expense of the Environment.

Since 2016, Hejaz Ultra is following the *Leave No Trace* Principles. We are keen on protecting the Environment, in general, and our “PlayGround” in particular. Our events are Eco-Friendly: We do not distribute small water bottles, but instead, with our partner Nestle Waters, provide water in 5Galons bottles and invite athletes to refill their containers. Anyone found polluting will be immediately disqualified and taken off the course by our Marshals.

After each race, we organize a Clean UP. We’ve done already four Hejaz50 and one Hejaz100, so we’ve already organized 5 Hejaz Clean UP’s. (They were originally called Hejaz Undo‘s, as we were undo’ing damages caused to our beautiful country.)

On October 25th, we will be holding our 5th Hejaz50. Registration is still open and you are welcome to participate http://H50.Oryx.FiT .

So on Friday 1st of November, we will be doing our 6th Hejaz Clean UP.

We aim to leave our racecourse in better shape than how we found it. We will pick up any plastic left behind on the day (yes, our events are Eco-Friendly, and the vast majority of our participants are good Eco-Citizens, but we never know ), or left behind by other less environment-conscious visitors.

We will have 9 groups, with 9 team leaders. One to clean up around Hejaz50 BaseCamp, and two groups for each of the 4 legs of the race (North, South, West & East).

You will be expected to do a bit of Walking/Hiking. It should not take much than 90 minutes.

We would leave central Jeddah around 06:15 AM to reach the Hejaz50 Basecamp by 07:15 AM and start Clean UP by 07:30 AM


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